ISLAMABAD - Majority of legislators in the National Assembly on Thursday urged the government to constitute a judicial commission as well as parliamentary committee to probe into the incidents of target killings and terrorism including the tragic killing of Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti All the parliamentary parties including PML-Q, PML-N, JUI-F and the ruling PPP staged a token walkout of the House except ANP as a protest on the killing of the cabinet members before it started a debate on the incident. Naveed Qamar, Minister of Privatisation, had moved a motion that the House might initiate a debate on the tragic killing of Shahbaz Bhatti and the law and order situation in the country on the proposal given by the Prime Minister the other day. Asia Nasir, one of the minority members of JUI-F, was the first who, along with other parliamentarian belonging to minorities, staged a token walkout from the House. She strongly condemned the incident and objected that the House even did not dare to pray for the departed soul of Shahbaz Bhatti. PML-Q joined the walkout along with the minority members, and PML-N also jumped into the bandwagon on the request of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi along with other parties sitting in the House. Later, the ruling PPP also joined the protest that was later criticised by ANP. PPP came under severe criticism by one of the members of his coalition partners, Pervez Khan of ANP, for joining the protest. He said that what kind of drama PPP was playing as it was the ruling party and it should answer all the questions and concerns raised by the parliamentarians instead of protesting on the incident. The parliamentarian while paying rich tributes to Shahbaz Bhatti, said his killing was not the murder of a person but the killing of a thought. The legislators urged the need to promote tolerance and inter-faith harmony in the society by giving rights to the minorities. They suspected that the world wanted to destabilise Pakistan only for the reason that it was a nuclear state. They said that Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah established Pakistan for all religions and not for a specific religion. Some legislators also demanded of the government to launch an operation in Punjab to purge it from militants. They floated an idea to constitute a parliamentary committee as well as a judicial commission that could find the reasons and causes behind the killing of Bhatti and other incidents of terrorism taken place so far in the country. Some member also co-related the incident with the killing of two Pakistanis allegedly by a CIA under cover agent Raymond Davis to put a pressure on the Pakistani government for his release. While others differed this point of view of the parliamentarians saying that they could not blame others for the evils present in the country and correlating issue with Davis was tantamount to supporting murderers. They said that highest-level resignations should come from the government while a few criticised the performance of Interior Minister Rehman Malik demanding his resignation and terming the incident a serious security lapse. Media also came under criticism and what the parliamentarian said that it is giving a lot of space to those who were godfathers of militancy and terrorism. They termed it a criminal silence of the government on the assassination of Salman Taseer that led to this incident. The legislators said that target killing was not only being done on religious basis but also on ethnic basis. Some were of the view that the killing of Bhatti should not be understood as attack on minorities as many Muslims had also been targeted in the past including Hamid Saeed Kazmi, former Minister for Religious Affairs. During the debate, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani announced to observe three-day mourning on the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti. Akram Mesih Gil informed the House that Shahbaz Bhatti was facing security threats and he had demanded a bulletproof vehicle from the Ministry of Interior a number of times. He demanded to constitute a judicial commission to probe the matter and requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a suo motu notice on the issue. Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said that if a person like Bhatti having balanced thought had not the right to live, then they were moving towards collective suicide. He said that it was a clear security lapse adding that the country was moving towards devastation. Dr Nelson Azeem and Yasmin Rehman demanded of the government to constitute a parliamentary committee that would find reasons and causes of such incidents. Maulana Ata-ur-Rehamn also condemned the incident of behalf of JUI-F while holding the government responsible for such incidents. The presence of a terrorist like US in the country is the main reason of poor law and order situation in the country, he said. He said that the government had to review its defence, interior and foreign polices on new lines in the light of the resolution passed by the House after an in-camera briefing to control this menace. He claimed that the government wanted to give immunity to Ramyond Davis but was unable to do so under the public pressure. Riaz Pirzada suggested to constitute a judicial commission under the supervision of Chief Justice of Pakistan to trace the hands who nourished these terrorists. He alleged that Lybian President Moammar Qaddafi and former President of Iraq Saddam Hussain had financed terrorism in this region on the dictation of US. Raza Rabbani, Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, said that preamble of the Constitution, Objectives Resolution and Principles of the Policy given in the Constitution provided all the rights to the minorities along with their basic rights. Pakistan is bleeding and causing shadows over its reflection, he added. He said that this is the time of inner reflection for all forces whether liberal or conservative and left or right to put aside all their personal agenda as well as personal vendetta to gather on national agenda. Bushra Gohar of ANP made a very logical speech on the issue saying how could those become equal with others for whose this House could not pray for. She said that the Constitution itself was discriminatory when it said that no one could be the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan except a Muslim. She termed the incident as serious intelligence failure adding that the intelligence agencies would have to be accountable. She said that no minister resigned from the government on this tragic incident suggesting that material consisting hatred should be excluded from the curriculum. Lal Chand said that minorities would feel deprived if the killers of Shahbaz Bhatti were not exposed and titled Bhatti as Shaheed-I- Aqliat. Mahmood Riaz Tochi was of the view that the country should be cleared from the persons like Raymond Davis to attain peace in the country before the House was adjourned to met again on Friday at 10am. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Thursday presented preliminary inquiry report of the killing of Minister for Minorities Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, to Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. According to a press release issued by the ministry of interior, the PM said the government would safeguard the lives and properties of all citizens of the country by making foolproof arrangements. The PM also said that anti-state elements were trying to target important personalities in the country to fulfil their evil designs. Meanwhile, despite the lapse of 48 hours and dissatisfaction expressed by cabinet members over the performance of law enforcement agencies, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in the murder of Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, headed by SSP Islamabad and also comprising Intelligence Bureau (IB), Military Intelligence (MI), Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Crime Investigation Department (CID) and Special Branch (SB), has been unable to reach any clue for the terrorists, sources informed TheNation on Thursday. Intelligence sources confirmed that spy agencies had expanded the volume of investigation to the terrorist groups operating in tribal areas of Pakistan. The agencies are exploring the possibilities of involvement of foreign hands particularly US-CIA behind the killing of minister, they revealed. Since the incident has distorted the image of Pakistan internationally, it is being investigated as to who is the ultimate beneficiary of the episode. All the available resources are being used by the said agencies for screening the banned outfits and terrorist groups to reach the real culprits. Sources in police told this scribe that a high-level meeting was held in Inspector General Police (IGP) office to discuss the concern of cabinet members over the performance of Islamabad police and to devise a strong coordination mechanism with the intelligence agencies till any breakthrough in the above-said case. The IGP also expressed concern over the police performance for not ensuring effective search in surrounding areas and for responding late to the incident in the heart of capital territory. DIG Operations Banni Amin, DIG Headquarters Kamal Tipu, AIGs, SSPs and SPs of all the zones were present in the meeting. At the police headquarters, DIG Security Division Dr Majeebur Rehman gave detailed presentation to the IGP on security of VVIPs and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be followed by the ministers. The report submitted to the interior minister by the Islamabad police was also discussed wherein the IGP stressed on the change of security arrangements. Meanwhile, the Islamabad police interrogated six Frontier Corps officials in the security escort and official drivers of the slain minister, recorded their statements, obtained calls record and took their cell phone into custody for further investigation, sources informed TheNation. The police interrogated Salamat Masih, the official driver of the federal minister for minorities, and six FC personnel including the driver of escort vehicle. Salamat said in his statement that Sher Gul was private driver and performed pick and drop duties for Shahbaz Bhatti to his mothers house situated in sector I-8/3. As usual late night on March 1, the slain minister voluntarily gave leave to the security escort and asked to pick him up from the public office in sector 1-8/4 instead of his private residence. He said he was ready at I-8/4 office to take Bhatti to the Green Trust Tower ministry office and then to cabinet meeting along with the security escort, sources quoted him as having said. The other six personal also recorded identical statements that Shabbat Bhatti never used security escort for movement to his mothers house. All the six officials were set free after interrogation. The police took their cell phones into custody, the sources said. The detectives are suspicious about the possibility of FC officials involvement for providing information about the movement of the Shahbaz Bhatti to terrorist. This is being done as lesson learnt from the attack made on UN office in 2008. Earlier on Wednesday late night, the Islamabad police recorded the statements of six Islamabad police officials on the security escort of Bhatti. Their telephonic record has been obtained and is being verified. The police called Bhattis private driver Sher Gul more than five times to fix whether or not the attackers dragged him out of the car during the attack. Though the eye witnessed said the attackers dragged the driver out and then started firing, he remained firm to his stance that he hid himself under the dashboard. The communication record of the driver was also being verified, the sources further revealed.