I was shocked to read that the KP government was planning to shift Cadet College Razmak to either Peshawar, Charsadda or Madran on the pretext of bad security situation.

First of all I have no fear in claiming that our ANP-PPP coalition in Peshawar has a played a dirty role in encouraging the army to crush the people of Waziristan agency and now they are stealing their educational institutions too.

The truth is that they are shifting the college because the ANP elite belongs to these districts. Otherwise, why don’t they want to shift it to Karak? It is a neighbouring district of North Waziristan Agency (NWA)? The people of both North and South Waziristan would have easy access to it.

We the people of southern districts feel that grave injustice is being done to us; we are the victims of grave discriminations. No such development work has been taken place in our districts and in contrast the ANP government is spending a huge amount on their favoured projects like Bacha Khan University. Anyone can verify my claims.


Peshawar, March 2.