NANKANA SAHIB - The Punjab government has failed to regulate prices of daily use items while hoarding and profiteering are also on their peak, coupled with everyday price hike has beaten the hell out of hapless people especially in the district.

The profiteers are doing their illegal acts without any fear of the law enforcement agencies or other officials concerned. On the other side, the rulers are busy in their political point scoring and horse trading. The government agencies are assigned to promote the agenda of the rulers. The politicians are just issuing just statements and hollow claims. Prices of the daily use commodities are fixed during the District Price Control Committee meeting which chaired by the district coordination officer. The official prices of such commodities per kilogramme are: Daal Masoor ( Bareek) from  Rs.80 to  Rs.95, Daal Mong ( polish) Rs85 to Rs100, Daal Moung( Kori) Rs90 to Rs105, Daal Channa (Bareek) Rs60 to Rs88, Daal Channa( Mooti) Rs62 to Rs90, Channey (white local) from Rs103 to Rs115, Basin Rs67 to Rs97  per kg.

The skyrocketing price hike has made the life of the poor miserable. PTI Nankana president Engr Shahid Mahmood, different representatives of the civil society, lawyers, traders and religious have condemned the overcharging by profiteers.

They appealed to the Punjab chief minister to take steps against overcharging and hoarding.