RAJANPUR - The three-day ceremonies of the Urs of Hazrat Khwajah Ghulam Fareed (RA) have concluded in his shrine at Kot Mithan Sharif, some 15 km from here.

On the 2nd day of Urs, the city continued to sound with recitation of  Darood-o-Salam, religious congregations and Samaa, recitation of spiritual poetry with musical instruments. A meeting was organised under the chair of of Kh Moinuddin Mahboob Koreja, the successor of the shrine. The meeting was also attended by Dewan Syed Bilal Chishti, of Ajmair Sharif (India), Kh Qutubuddin from Garhi Sharif, Syed Ahmad Jamal from Fareedpur Sharif, Sahibzada Mian M Ahmad from Fareedabad Sharif, Hassan Mahmood from Lahore, Pir Syed Qutub Shah, Mufti Mukhtar Ahmad and Mufti Hanif Qadri from Faisalabad.

After Maghrib prayers, the shrine was illuminated as it is an important event in Chishtia dynasty. During the course of meeting, Dewan Syed Bilal Chishti performed Dastar Bandi of Moinuddin Mahboob Koreja which was specially brought from Ajmair Sharif for the purpose. Later, Bilal Cishti told newsmen that Pakistan did not only belong to Pakistanies but it is an asset of the whole Muslim world. Hence it is duty of all the Muslims to defend Pakistan, wherever they live in the world, he added. “All the Muslims should pray for the security and solidarity of Pakistan,” he added and said that he felt satisfaction whenever he came Pakistan. He suggested that with the betterment of relations between India and Pakistan 1,000 million people could easily fight their poverty.

Mr Koreja thanked Dewan Syed Bilal Chishti for his arrival to participate in the event. He stressed the need for promotion spirituality for solidarity of Pakistan. He suggested that the government should not take dictation from the tyrant countries to destroy the system. sHe added that only the Khanqahi Nizam could save the country.

Lawyers boycott court proceedings: The local lawyers Friday boycotted courts and staged sit-in in front of DPO office to protest against the inaction of the police in arresting Najamul Hassan Sharazi, an influential landlord who had threatened and humiliated local lawyer Asif the other day.

They burnt tyres and blocked bypass road for half an hour. They said that despite registration of the case against the influential, the police have so far failed to arrest the accused. Later, on the assurance of the DPO that the accused would be arrested shortly, the lawyers dispersed peacefully.