OKARA - Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo has said that protests were beauty of democracy, adding that if the PML-N protests, the PPP will respond to it in a democratic way.

Talking to the media before leaving for Islamabad from here, he said the perpetrators of the bomb blasts in the congregation of ANP and firing at a bus in Kohistan will be arrested soon. The government has got control over terrorists to a greater extent and fight against them will continue till their complete elimination, he added.

He said that President Zardari’s address to the Parliament would be of importance. Mr Wattoo said and added preparations for Senate elections have been completed. The upcoming federal budget will also be announced by the present government in which maximum relief will be given to the masses, he said, adding that in the by-elections, the PPP emerged as the top political party in the country.

“In the upcoming national elections, the PPP will once again come to power. Prime Minister Gilani has formed a committee on the issue of Balochistan which will have contacts with political parties. Government is in contact with the Baloch leaders,” he said.

To a question, Wattoo said after the results of by-elections, Imran Khan should admit that there was no wave in his tsunami. He said the former cricketer has to pass through a lot of stages to achieve his goals.

DISTILLERY SEIZED: In raids at two places, the police arrested 4 bootleggers and seized a distillery with huge quantity of liquor. The Satghra police were tipped off that there were four drunkards raising tumult in the locality. Conducting a raid, the police arrested Faraz Hussain, Imdad Hussain, Shehzad and Mohammad Saleem.

The police later conducted another raid in Dhakhli Bahadar Nagar Farm. The police sealed another distillery and seized 10 litres of liquor.