BAHAWALNAGAR - As street crimes keep rising with an alarming regularity in the district, people looking to register complaints and cases with the Bahawalnagar police are getting nothing but embarrassment and humiliation, it has been learnt.

To get an FIR registered, they will have to nominate the accused; otherwise their complaints would not be lodged. On one side, the town is in the clutches of outlaws. On the other, the law and order situation is brewing because of the police sulk, compounding misery of the citizens. It has been observed that complaints are not being entertained until they do not nominate bandits, muggers or burglars they did not even know of. In certain cases, they have to wait for over a month. For instance, the city police, on Saturday, registered a case of a theft that took place four months back. Likewise, another case of robbery was registered by McLeod Gunj police two months after its occurrence on Saturday. It is the high time for police high-ups to think over this sorry state of affairs and put it in place to restore public trust in the Police Department.