TANK - The tribesmen of SWA on Saturday deplored the attitude of the political administration for showing indifferences to the problems of the tribesmen.

The tribesmen complained that most of the officials remained absent under one pretext or the other.

Criticizing the loathsome attitude of officials of the administration, tribal elders Malik Ahmmad Din, Malik Raishmeen Khan, Malik Sabir Gul and others said that the affected tribesmen were confronted with numerous problems while the officials often remain absent. They also underlined that the Levies personnel were not being paid the salaries, adding to the hardships of low paid security personnel of the administration.

The elders of South Waziristan demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Masood Kusar to take stock of the lethargic attitude of the officials and issue directives for the release of salaries to the Levies personnel.