LOUNGING around on giga-yachts is just so passé. Why skim the surface when you can go underwater and re-enact scenes from Das Boot, scour the seabed for shipwrecks like James Cameron or just swim with the fishes?

The C-Explorer 5, a fully air-conditioned mini-submarine, seats four plus a pilot, has an eight-hour battery life and can reach depths of 300m. At £1.64 million it’s a big step up from a sailing dinghy, but then again the Royal Navy’s Astute subs come in at more like £1 billion and they don’t even have any windows.

Sitting in comfort and looking out are the big things about the C-Explorer 5, with its transparent acrylic pressure hull. Dutch submersible manufacturers U-Boat Worx are marketing it as ‘the world’s first subsea limousine’. Extra features include imaging sonar, LED lights, a HD video camera and an arm attachment for grabbing those doubloons from the sea floor.    –DM