BUREWALA - The Punjab government has given ownership rights to 405 dwellers of slum areas in 18 villages in a ceremony held at TMA office here on Saturday.

Addressing the dwellers, Assistant Commissioner Saifullah Sajid said that the Punjab government had taken a historic and revolutionary step by granting proprietary rights to the residents of Katchi Abadies. He said the poor would get their due rights under this process. He added that development work would also be undertaken by the government in order to provide them with the best civic amenities.

He said that merit is ensured in the process of awarding certificates of property rights.

Those who have no agricultural land or those owning agricultural land less than 4.5 acre are eligible to apply for the facility.

He said that in Burewala sub division, 2,731 dwellers of 49 villages had been identified and so far ownership certificates to 405 dwellers of 18 villages have been given and the process will continue till award of ownership certificates to the other ones, he said.