WASHINGTON - The conservative American Political Action Committee (AmerPAC) has called on citizens to put pressure on the US Congress to stop surveillance of Americans using drones in US airspace. The mass e-mail, signed by AmeriPAC chairman Alan Gottlieb, said that shocking news reports reveal that President Barack Obama will authorize the surveillance of Americans using drones in US airspace, and the US Homeland Security Department is purchasing ammunition. “We must demand Congress get to the bottom of these stories and give the American people some answers.

This Administration claims to be the most transparent Americans have seen in years yet the White House continues to side step and deny,” the e-mail said. According to the e-mail, “There is a brick wall between the privacy of individuals and public security that could be soon crossed. A camera on a public street corner for issuing speeding tickets is one thing but drones flying over that brick wall, invading the privacy of any Americans property and recording you in your back yard is extreme and illegal and unconstitutional.” According to the e-mail, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has in the past year purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammunition.