ISLAMABAD  – Once a centre of excellence for healthcare facilities in the federal capital, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital is now facing problems including severe shortage of staff and medicines besides lack of proper treatment for the poor patients.Moreover, with advent of spring, surge in the number of patients of pollen allergy has further aggravated the situation at OPD of the hospital. The CDA hospital is located in Sector G/6-2 of the capital city. Two major problems are shortage of medicine and paramedic staff owing to which patients are not satisfied with the present state of affairs of the hospital. Patients complained that there were no proper waiting rooms for patients and they hardly get bed.Sources said the hospital was established for the free treatment of over 100,000 CDA employees and their family members while general public are charged Rs10 for the treatment.Talking to INP, paramedical staff in the CDA Hospital complained that they, especially the nurses, had to face problems while performing their duties as they perform duties for more than 10 hours due to shortage of staff.On the other hand, patients complained that they have to buy the medicines from the market despite the fact that it is a responsibility of the hospital administration. “No one is paying heed towards the problems being faced by patients. Supply of medicines often remains short, which results in sufferings for poor patients,” a patient, Kamran, said. However, a number of patients said once the CDA Hospital was better than the other government-run hospitals, like the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Polyclinic Hospital, but now the hospital has lost its image due to lack of attention on part of the CDA high-ups towards the healthcare facility.The spokesman for CDA, Ramzan Sajid, said that civic body was making all out efforts to provide standard treatment to poor patients in the hospital, and acknowledged the fact that patients sometimes do not get bed but the same is provided to them keeping in mind the condition of patients.