KARACHI - The Pakistani commercial industry is bent upon using ‘sensational spellings’ to deliberately spell the word in an incorrect or non-standard way. This ‘advertising gimmick’ is supposedly being widely utilized to draw viewers’ or readers’ attention by using unexpected spellings.There are some brands which are kids’ favorite that are teaching wrong spellings; for example Sooper, and Candi biscuits. With slight correction even there biscuit wrappers could have become the source of education for children. Instead they further confuse those children who have already learnt the correct spellings, and those who are in the elementary stage of developing concepts.Rahila Mahfooz, a private school teacher, said “It is difficult to convince a child that something so blatantly printed and widely distributed is in fact wrong. It has really become very difficult for teachers and parents to save younger kids from learning wrong spellings of their favorite brands. Using ‘sensational spelling’ might be very profitable to the various brands but it has become a serious source of worry for the parents and teachers. Moreover, it is immorally wrong when a national chain misspells the name of its brand or uses a wrong word. It is also ethically incorrect to misguide the young minds when they are in formative age. Senior citizen Athar Hussain said the recent ad by a Middle East based cellular company that conspicuously teaches wrong mathematical calculation, i.e. 3+0=6 and not 3 clearly misguides children. The ad is certainly interesting and meant to target the adults. Teachers as well as the senior employers of various organizations have been heard complaining that the texting language has prevailed so much that most of the youngsters have a hard time spelling simple things, which is in fact sad.