A news report said that Asian Development Bank has declined to fund Bhasha dam, saying that how can Pakistan arrange $12 billion for its construction. It would take 12 years to build, while 7 years have already passed since its first ground breaking in 2006. Kalabagh dam would take only 6 years at an estimated cost of about $ 6 billion the choice would be clear to an unbiased viewer.

The trouble with our planners and politicians is that they are myopic about seeing the writing on the wall. What is needed is to try to start work on both Bhasha and Kalabagh dam in tandem so that if Kalabagh dam is built in 6 years with no objection from World Bank and ADB we could hopefully manage to arrange for funds for Bhasha in the time at our disposal. The crunch however, lies in the fact that we could not build either dam with our ‘gunghoo’ policies of our decision makers. The authorities to be must come clear on the water and power issue that has been held hostage by the personal vanities and baseless prejudices of parties with vested interests for a long time.


Lahore, February 28.