LAHORE – MIAN DAWOOD - Enraged by unending jeers at his being infertile, a man ended the lives of four of his family members including an infant, police said on Sunday. Resident of Muslim Chowk in Green Town, Homeopathic Doctor Riaz, who later admitted his brutality, slaughtered his wife Asma, brother Fiyaz, sister-in-law Farhat and an infant niece after being incited over the constant taunting by his wife.

The official said that Riaz had been married to Asma for six years but the couple was childless due to which they often exchanged harsh words.

Meanwhile, his sister-in-law Farhat gave birth to a girl six month ago which aggravated the miseries of Riaz.

After being fed up enough, the accused decided to get rid of the criticism by mixing sedatives in juices through injection, and put them into deep sleep.

Then, he cut his wife’s throat at the first and did the same with his brother and sister-in-law. Even he did not hesitate to strangle his 4-month old neice when she started crying, apparently asking for milk.

After killing these four, Riaz left the house putting the jewels and other valuables into his car in an attempt to colour the incident as a robbery.

The cries for help resounded in the house on Sunday morning when Nasreen Bibi, mother of the killer, saw dead bodies there. The neighbours gathered following the hue and cry and called the police.

The police teams including DIG Operations Rai Tahir reached the crime scene and gathered evidences and statements about one of the brutal incident of the city. Expressing doubt on Dr Riaz, a CIA team headed by DSP Mian Shafqat took him into custody and started the interrogation.

Within hours, the killer admitted the crime and recorded his statement, a senior detective added. In his initial statement, the killer said he was exhausted owing to the continuous teasers of infertility by his wife.

While, his family members including parents had also started giving more importance to his brother’s family after having a baby girl, the murderer added.

He shocked the detectives when said that he also wanted to murder his parents but his ‘merciful’ nature let them live. The police sent the bodies to morgue for autopsy and was preparing a charge sheet against the killer.