HAFIZABAD - The Pakistan Movement workers, senior citizens and journalists have expressed their resentment over the slanderous remarks of Justice (r) Markandey Katju, the chairman of Press Council of India, against Pakistan and Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA).

Dr Habibullah Cheema, Rana Yousaf Waheed, Allama Habibullah Shaheen, Haji MH Shad Ansari and Arshad Ansari called upon the Pakistani government to lodge strong protest against the Indian over his remarks that Pakistan was a fake and artificial country. They also urged the Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust, the All Pakistan Newspapers Society and other such bodies to give a befitting rejoinder to the PCI chairman.

They also demanded that such articles injuring the sentiments of patriotic Pakistanis should not be published in the newspapers in Pakistan in the name of freedom of press. They pointed out that even newspapers in the US and western countries do not publish any article against their ideology or policies. They said that in his article “Truth about Pakistan” published recently in an English daily, said that “Pakistan is a fake and artificial country created on the bogus Two-Nation Theory in pursuance of wicked British policy of divide and rule Muslims and Hindus of Indo-Pakistan sub-continent”. The writer also uttered, “Quaid was just a British agent who had shamelessly furthered the British divide and rule policy”.

Had Quaid been an agent of British, he would have accepted Lord Mountbatten as Governor General of Pakistan, they maintained. On the contrary, Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehro had accepted him as Governor General of Bharat, they added.

They said that the Hindus and the Muslims had started independence struggle against the British as far back in 1857 which culminated in 1947 with the inception of Pakistan under the Two-Nation Theory. They questioned whether Mohandas Karamchand (Mohatma Gandhi) was also a British agent.

ROBBERY: Armed men drove away 17 heads of cattle from the outhouse of Afzal Hussain Tarar, the district president of PML-N, in Kot Said Muhammad near Kolo Tarar. According to police source, armed rustlers raided the outhouse where Afzal’s tenants Shoaib, Munawar etc. were asleep.

 The raiders tied them on their cots and loaded 17 cattle in trucks and fled away.