The unending volley of bullets goes on immutably in Karachi; it has deprived 14 more citizens of their lives as they were trying to go about their daily lives. People ask if the elections can be held in this atmosphere of fear, violence and turmoil or if they are managed how free and fair would they be? Routine life in what was once the city of lights continues but those who step out of their homes know the dangers lurking around them. It could be bullet of a target killer, a bomb detonated by some militant outfit, or some ethnic group skirmishing with the rival community, or worse, petty thieves and burglars who would fire at anyone for cash or a cell phone. That has been the way of life but it has been deteriorating and the conditions now seem beyond repair.

Calls have been made for cleaning up certain areas where the gangsters operate but this too has been impeded by political compulsions. Sometimes, it is observed that major political parties are openly patronising fearsome criminals, help them get out of prison and even garland them as though they were saints. Sadly, this patronisation of violence has been making things extra difficult for the police and Rangers, whose officials in private keep complaining of the force’s excessive politicisation. The city of lights calls out for help!