RAWALPINDI  – The ban on Kite flying and use of metallic strings is openly being violated in the city and its cantonment areas.

Residents of the city have expressed concern over Kite-flying and use of metallic strings for the purpose. Reportedly, Kite-flying continued in various areas of the city, including Peoples Colony, Tench Bhatta, Dhoke Seydan, Kiani Road, Dhoke Chaudharian, Adyala Road, Bakra Mandi and Masrial.

Salman, a resident, claimed that he saw kites being flown in many areas, specially, on Sundays and the city administration had failed to implement a complete ban on the activity so far. He said that March 8 had been fixed to celebrate the festival of basant in Cantt areas.

He demanded the authorities concerned to strictly implement the ban on Kite-flying, so that road accidents and loss of precious human lives could be avoided. Haider, another resident, urged the police officials to ensure a complete ban on the sale of kites, strings and fireworks.

The citizens demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and officials concerned of the district government to strictly implement the ban on Kite-flying.

Meanwhile, in a drive to stop kite flying in Rawalpindi, Banni police station officials have arrested a shopkeeper for selling kites and strings. According to police officials, they were informed that a shopkeeper namely Saeed was selling kites. The police raided the shop, arrested the shopkeeper and recovered 80 kites and five chemical strings from him. The police have also registered a case against the shopkeeper.