ISLAMABAD - Chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has never sought consent of its other party members while making alliance with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) that has made most of them annoyed as they consider it an unnatural alliance that only can bring them harm but not any benefit in the coming elections.The PPP and PML-Q are two different ideologies and mindsets and both have different voters those too would not like to vote for the other party that they do not like or with whom they have contradiction of ideology. That is the reason that most of members are now planning part their ways with the party by joining another party or even contesting the election independently but not using the Q-platform in any case.Sources in PML-Q while talking to this scribe said that making an alliance with PPP is only Chaudhary Brothers’ decision and any party member was not taken on board while taking this decision. They said that this alliance will damage their political interests in the coming elections.Well-informed about the developments in the party, sources said that PML-Q would find not more than a handful of its existing members with it, not more than a dozen, those will again contest elections on the platform of same party again, finding themselves unable to find a place in another party and those who are short of courage for taking decision to appear in the election as an independent candidate.Riaz Fatyana has recently left the party and sources said many other are ready including Anwar Ali Cheema and Sumaira Malik. Asim Nazir of Faisalabad is not going to contest election on Q-platform as well. Asim and some other parliamentarians of Faisalabad are going make their own independent group if did not find a place in another party but they have finalised not to contest election on Q ticket, the sources said.The sources said that appearance of both parties, PPP and whatever part of PML, as an ally is a strange thing if one can think over it. The main titles of both the parties suggest that they can be rivals but not the friends in the elections.They also said that PPP during its 5-year term has earned a bad name and PML-Q will have to reap the results of what PPP sewed during its rule. They said that PML-Q when contested 2008 elections, was not an ally of PPP and it could survive to some extent, had not made an alliance with PPP.Ch Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi could not think beyond their family interests and they made an alliance with PPP against making Pervaiz Elahi Deputy Prime Minister and to erect obstacles in the way of investigations against Mounis Elahi for his alleged corruption. They successfully gained their required results but sold all the members for the purpose.An important member of PML-Q said that PPP voters would not cast vote for PML candidate and vice versa. He said that he was in fix to adopt a strategy for the coming elections but as far as his leadership was concerned, they were least bothered to take any member into confidence and discuss their problems.Ostensibly Chaudhary’s are planning to secure their family seats and for others they are absolutely not worried. But he said that all the members would not be able to win the coming elections, especially Ch Pervaiz Elahi would have to find a constituency to contest election as Ch Ahmed Mukhtar was absolutely not going to offer his constituency for Pervaiz Elahi.