ISLAMABAD - In a bid to foil any attempt by the government to appoint a blue-eyed person as chairman of National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), senior officers of NTC have decided to resort to Islamabad High Court (IHC) against government efforts to stop such induction of favorite chairman in the entity.The senior officials have appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo moto notice of the bids on the part of government with regard to illegal appointment of chairman. According to sources, NTC oversees numbers of sensitive institutions and green line and the post of chairman was lying vacant since long. Ministry of information technology had advertised this post in the media prescribing mere bachelor degree as qualification for this post despite the fact that an officer of grade 21 or 22 qualifies for this post and qualification of BA does not meet the requirements. The advertisement in media have raised many eyebrows in the NTS prompting the senior officials to move an application to Chief Justice of apex court to take suo moto notice of advertisement.Well-placed sources told TheNation on Sunday that Sources said a committee under one additional secretary was constituted to consider the matter of appointment. The committee started considering 3 names including Brig Waqar, Mushtaq Bhatti and Nasr Min Ullah. The last one is stated to be having close links with senior lawyer Athar Minullah. It is pertinent to mention here that Standing Committee on Information technology also had its reservation on the low qualification of the candidate in this regard.Wasi Muhammad Khan, the senior most officer of this entity who had joined this department in 1988 through federal public service commission and is having vast experience in this field has expressed grave concern over the prevailing state of affairs in terms of appointment and has decided to approach IHC.In a written letter he sent to the chief justice of apex court, he appealed to CJP to take suo moto notice of the efforts being made by the government in connection with illegal appointment of chairman in the entity. Wasi Muhammad Khan, senior most officer of NTC said that NTC is run by a board which had decided in one of its meetings that no appointment would be made on contract basis in the entity by hiring the persons from open market and the persons serving in the entity will be promoted. According to Wasi Muhammad, the ministry had sent a summary to the Prime Minister (PM) in connection with his appointment against this post being the senior most and experienced officer but it was not implemented. This entity which was running into profit to the tune of Rs 297 million is now incurring loss of Rs 345 million due to contractual appointments, he added. Wasi Khan told Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary in written that not only application was sent illegally for appointment against the post of chairman but also   interview was held on general public holiday on February, 16. This way the norms of transparency were trampled down. He appealed to CJP to issue stay order against the illegal steps taken so far including publication of advertisement on appointment of chairman besides ordering for appointment of competent and expert person against this post. It has been learnt that induction of blue eyed boy as chairman is aimed at using the funds to be disbursed to this institution soon to serve vested interests.