LAHORE - Basmati and non-basmati rice export target of $2 billion in fiscal year 2012-13 can be achieved, as the country has overall exported more than 2.15 million tons of rice of around $1 billion in first eight months to more than 100 countries, despite massive loadshedding and perennial gas shortage, which is affecting entire export chain.In spite of energy crisis, the enhancing export volume of rice during January has spelled ray of positive hope for the exporters anticipating further good news from lucrative China market in coming days ahead. During the last eight months of 2012-13 a total quantity of more than 96,000 metric tons rice has been exported to Tanzania, as compared to last year figure of just 25,484 metric ton rice export.They apprised that in January 2013 total rice export from Pakistan was 3.8 million tons of non-Basmati Rice worth $141 million. The export figures for this period to other countries includes worth of $22.5 million of non-Basmati rice to Kenya (6,355 metric tones), $9 million (9,045 metric tonnes to UAE and $6.5 million (6,345 metric tones) to Oman.They asked the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to collaborate with Reap for boosting rice export under Free Trade Agreement with Sri Lanka. The export volume can be doubled in view of growing demand of Pakistani rice by the importers.  They said that China has turned up as a major market for Pakistani non-basmati rice over the period of time, as non-basmati rice export to China has surpassed the figure of around 74,000 metric ton worth $31 million only in January 2013.In the same way, rice export to countries like Sri Lanka and Kenya has also showed marked improvement. Basmati rice is in great demand in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan exporters are willing to import more basmati rice from Pakistan.They said that exporters have been greatly encouraged to accomplish further success in these areas.  Furthermore, exporters are also endeavouring to explore many new markets to enhance and increase the export and in this regard REAP office-bearers and leading rice exporters are constantly visiting ME countries to explore new business opportunities and promotion of Pakistani basmati rice.Reap vice chairman Samee Ullah Ch said that efforts are underway to push export of Pakistani rice to substantial level as it is fast gaining popularity across the globe, which is evident from the fact that it is currently exported to more than 100 countries. He said that efforts of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan to boost export of Pakistani rice has started yielding positive results as Tanzania has emerged as a potential market for Pakistan’s non-basmati rice. He said that export industry was already besieged with the problems of excessive gas and electricity loadshedding, law and order situation and increasing raw material prices. The government has given another shock to the industry by increasing the prices of petroleum products. The vice chairman said that government has never taken a single step for progress and prosperity of the country.