On the orders of Prime Minister Raja Ashraf, the raise in petrol prices announced the other day has been taken back. In doing that the PM seems impelled more by the storm of protest in Parliament than by other concerns. Perhaps, there could be the factor of the approaching elections. Giving into pressure is not a good reflection on the state of commitment of the ruling PPP to the public.

Now, it is also becoming clear that the entire process of fixing the oil prices is not above board; scandals like the one involving OGRA chief’s extraordinary financial misdemeanour at whose receiving end were the consumers stinks to high heaven. In lots of other reports, fingers are being pointed at the unholy nexus of the oil marketing companies with the OGRA. And it is only unfortunate that when the culprits are about to be put in the dock, the powers that be shelter them. This entire shady business has badly affected the economy. It has shot up the inflationary cycle that has spared no sphere of life. The poor classes have grown poorer, over a span of years.

The need for linking the oil prices with the budget should be considered. The prices should be settled for a considerably long period of time in order to bring stability to the economy and prevent the inflation from hitting the general public.