Hazaras, Pakistani by birth and Muslims by faith are being attacked and killed constantly for the last few years. Our Interior Minister, who knew in time about the attacks failed to warn anyone or apprehend the criminals. His timely check could have saved hundreds of lives, what good is knowing when nothing is done? There are so many questions that the nation would like to ask this very smart and intelligent Interior Minister; was there no one to stop a truck loaded with ammunition roaming in the city? Why are so many agencies made when they can’t curb terrorist’s activities?

Another important question is why LEJ is doing all this, and given a free hand by political parties who condone violence and bloodshed just to get votes. Where does Islam give the right to anyone to kill a Muslim brother?

So we need to find out who is behind these acts and who benefits from them. Did LEJ not expect any retribution from the Hazara community? It cannot be BLA; why should they harm people of their own province, though they too have been involved in rocket and other attacks for which they should be nabbed.

The claims made by the Interior Minister as to who is behind this should be revealed or everyone will presume that the government is involved in this heinous crime. I am positive that our army, our rulers and agencies are well informed about the foreign hands behind these incidents and this must be exposed. Why is everyone silent? Why is no one ready to take the nation into confidence? We are all part of this game.


Lahore, February 21.