I would really like to know who wants the children of Pakistan to be deformed and face a disease such as Polio? Who wants our future generations to be disabled? If we look for an answer to this question we will clearly find our enemy! Ten people including a child were killed and several injured when a vehicle carrying group of Khasadar forces, deployed for the security of a polio teams, was attacked.

Has this ever happened anywhere else in the world? Has anyone ever attacked a person who comes to cure your child or provide medicine for future prevention of such a crippling disease? This has never been heard of but is happening in Pakistan and from 2014 we would likely be facing further restrictions on our ability to travel abroad.

During the campaign ‘unknown militants’ bombed the vehicle of Khasadar forces, and we must ask why? Who benefits through the crippling of our future generations? Our enemies do, and we don’t need to look very far to find them! Everyone knows that there are RAW agents in Waziristan who are helping the so called Taliban in destroying Pakistan, lets destroy them once and for all and put an end to this drama!


Karachi, March 1.