ISLAMABAD- German Ambassador Cyril Nunn said Germany considers economic cooperation with Pakistan as an essential plan since the stability of the country is linked with its prosperity.

In an interview with a Pakistani Radio‚ he said there is enormous potential in various sectors of Pakistan's economy‚ which need to be tapped. He said Germany already has huge presence in retailing‚ pharmaceuticals and industrial areas of Pakistan.

The Ambassador said trade between the two countries is quite balanced and Pakistan is exporting goods worth over one billion dollars to Germany. He said German Government played a major role in winning GSP Plus status for Pakistan because we want to enhance our bilateral economic ties. He said German market is open for almost all Pakistani goods on zero import duties.

Cyril Nunn said his country is also extending its cooperation in Pakistan's energy sector and several power projects in Jhimpir Wind Power Park and Solar Park in Southern Punjab are in the process of completion.

He further added security is a big issue of Pakistan‚ which is not only affecting this country‚ but also hurting our interests in the region. He said there is a wide recognition of the sacrifices of Pakistan as a front line state in the war against terror in terms of lives‚ money and displaced people. He said collaboration between the authorities of both the countries as well as with European Union exists to combat security challenges of Pakistan.