MULTAN : Agriculture experts have advised growers to begin sowing of ginger from the middle of March for better results.  Experts said that fertile land with better air passage and water drainage facility be prepared.  Land should first be levelled and animal waste be mixed in soil before ploughing it two to three times. Around 150 kilogram superphosphate, 150 kg ammonium sulphate and 100 kg per acre potassium sulphate be applied for better production.  Potash and phosphorous be applied while preparing land while a half bag of ammonium sulphate be applied at the time of sowing and the rest in two-three installments after rainy season or at the time of hoeing.

 To utilize ginger as seed, growers should bury it inside sand for fifteen days and apply water every second or third day to facilitate buds opening for better germination. Around 640-720 kilogram seed be applied per acre for sowing on rectangular shape beds of dimensions ranging from four to six metres long and 2-3 metres wide.

 Line to line distance be maintained at 40-45 centimeters while plant-to-plant distance 15-20 cm. Seed be planted 2-3cm deep and the sown area be covered by wood granules, husk from sugarcane or paddy or organic fertilizers to keep it wet.

 First water be applied at the time of sowing and be repeated while maintaining one week intervals.

 Hoeing be done to remove weeds at the commencement of rainy season and later be repeated twice, the release concluded.