ISLAMABAD- Pakistan's legal fraternity today observed a countrywide strike in protest against yesterday’s terrorist attack on a Local Court in Islamabad, which left 11 people including a senior judge and four lawyer dead and over 30 injured.

Islamabad High Court and District Bar have decided to boycott Court proceedings for a week, mourning the deaths in terror incident.

The Lawyers community across the country stayed away from the Courts today on the appeal of the Pakistan Bar Association.

The Lawyers' representative organizations strongly condemned the gory incident and demanded an arrest of the accused involved in the attack.

Balochistan lawyers have also abstained from the Court proceedings in mourning of the F-8 Islamabad, Kachehri incident on the call of Balochistan High Court Bar Association.

The Lawyers demanded from the Government to improve security measures in respect of Courts and Lawyers' Chambers in Islamabad and other cities. Payment of compensation should be made to the family members of the Lawyers who have been killed in this incident and foolproof security arrangement for judges should be ensured by the Government.