LAHORE -  PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ch has criticised government for ignoring the warning of a major terror attacks on market places stating that it is sad that the capital City itself has become a victim of lack of security.

Commenting on the security situation on Monday, he said that the PTI condemned the attack by armed men at district court Islamabad and the killings of the 11 innocent people. He said that it was a sad day because the nation was really looking for an environment where peace could be restored through dialogue and negotiations.

He said that such attacks were harmful for the future of these talks and desperately done by people who did not want peace in this country. He demanded that Ch Nisar should give explanation on all the security lapses which brought upon this attack as Islamabad was the most protected and secure City.

PTI Punjab General Secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid and Information Secretary Andleeb Abbas also condemned the attack and said that the national internal security policy released by the government was incomplete as it only looked at the internal security situation and organisation involved in the security.

They said that it cannot be called a national security policy until and unless it included foreign policy as Ch Nisar has many times admitted that many of these attacks were done by groups sponsored by other countries. They demanded of the government to use the rapid response force to identify the people behind the attack so that the dialogue process could be initiated with the groups who have declared ceasefire.