ISLAMABAD - Member of the Taliban-nominated committee and senior cleric Maulana Samiul Haq Monday said neighboring countries, India and the United States want to damage the peace process.

Talking to media persons at Islamabad airport on arrival from Saudi Arabia, the Maulana said Islamabad courts attack was an attempt to sabotage dialogue process by anti-Pakistan elements.

"I am very much hopeful about the peace talks. I can say with confidence that the negotiations will be successful," said Maulana Samiul Haq.

The JUI-S chief said he welcomes the strong denial of Taliban who distances themselves from Monday attacks in Islamabad and Khyber Agency.

He said Taliban have announced ceasefire which reflects their 'political insight'. The Maulana said the government should not blame the TTP for every act of terrorism without proof. He said the government should utilise one month period of ceasefire and move forward for a peaceful solution to terrorism.

Maulana Sami said the Taliban should be given space to move freely which he believes would be useful for the process.

He said that the list of prisoners whom the Taliban want freed had been received and would soon be discussed.

Sami said the Taliban's announcement of a one-month cease fire should be taken as a blessing and all women, children and elderly in government captivity should be released.

He said the whole nation was united for peace talks and that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had shown political maturity over the issue. He also said that the government's negotiating committee had made efforts to end the deadlock existing between the government and the Taliban mediating committees.

He reiterated the Taliban's condemnation of today's attack in Islamabad was a welcome gesture, adding that the approach of the group was also commendable.

Sami said public sentiment was taken into consideration by deciding to hold talks and these negotiations should reach their logical conclusion.

The Maulana said security of Taliban prisoners should also be ensured adding that extra-judicial killing of Taliban fighters must be avoided.

He also demanded removal of army presence from specific location for "peace zone" where Taliban can move freely. He also said that enemies of the country would keep carrying out attacks to derail the negotiations and peace talks would have to be protected against internal and external conspiracies.

Sami said following the 9/11 attacks the decisions of a dictator had brought destruction to the country.

He further said that even the parliament had demanded a review of the enslaving policies.