Pakistan was created because the Muslims of the sub-continent wanted to practice their religion peacefully. The religion was Islam, and not any particular sect. In the face of the plethora of problems that Pakistan faces today, we need to be united as one religion, and not break into different casts and provinces! This country was made for Muslims only, not for Sunni, or Shi’a, or any other Fiqah. Everyone has the rights to practice their religion as per their beliefs but when it comes to Pakistan, we must stand together as one nation.

Taliban or any other terrorist group is using the same ‘divide and rule’ law to kill and destroy our beloved country’s peace. We should be united in every way to make sure that Pakistan survives these threats and that we survive and see Pakistan emerge as a safe and prosperous country. We should unite under the flag of Pakistan as staunch Muslims!


Karachi, March 2.