Recently Lahore Development Authority (LDA) announced several posts of Assistant Director BPS 17. The tests were conducted by NTS again. Though I have no complaints against NTS, as it is doing good work, but there are some loopholes in the process. The first is that the advertisement did not mention any academic marks being included as criteria. This was a trick played by NTS, when the tests were completed, they include academic marks. No harm in that but with the diverse educational backgrounds in graduation and masters, most candidates cannot compete with each other. Can a Punjab University (PU) graduate or QAU graduate get 80 percent marks? There are some universities which give such marks but not the prestigious one’s where competition is tough.

So how can a PU graduate compete? Secondly the test is conducted only in Lahore, which results in disparity among other regions. I would also like to know why, in the presence of credible institutions such as PPSC is NTS used so often? Is LDA a private agency? I am sure it is legislated in Punjab Assembly than why NTS? Why is NTS being paid 8 million, as each student has to pay Rs 800 (multiplied by 10 thousand candidates) equals 8 million rupees? I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and make these exams free, so that all candidates who are deserving, but poor can also participate.


Rawalpindi, February 26.