Karachi is the heart of Pakistan, it is the backbone of our economy, having over 15,000 industries and being the hub of financial institutions, disturbance in the city effects the whole country. Unfortunately the secular and religious political parties are responsible for promoting ethnic divide and religious extremism. They have failed to promote nationalism. I lived in Karachi from 1965 to1976 as a student and then worked as an engineer in a place where Urdu specking and Jamat-e-Islami supporters were in majority and Karachi was called the city of lights.

It was a genuine cosmopolitan city, where hundreds of thousands of people from across religions, cultural, social and ethnic divides lived peacefully. There was no hint of any trouble, but now when I visit Karachi I am afraid, not only of street crimes but also of becoming a target for killers. It is known that every political party has a militant wing, who are responsible for killings, exhortation and creating terror. To regains Karachi lost peace and glory, it is imperative to established local governments, elected by the residents. These local bodies should be autonomous should have full administrative powers and independent police force working under elected police commissioner. It is the failure of PPP government that now the Army Chief has to tell them what they should do, to save ‘mini’ Pakistan.


Lahore, February 18.