KHANEWAL- The district police have arrested 825 proclaimed offenders including 318 wanted outlaws during the outgoing month of February, said DPO Jahanzaib Nazir.

He said that 190 court obsconders were also arrested and produced in the courts concerned. Moreover, the police recovered illegal weapons , ammunition, booty, drugs and other valuables during the corresponding period.

He said the police had launched crackdowns on the drug peddlers and had recovered 32-kg of hashish, 10.5 kg of heroin, 1,393 litre of poisonous liquor, 9 running distilleries and 15-kg of poppy and arrested 109 drug pushers.

The police also recovered 16 Kalashnikovs, 43 rifles, 18 guns, 111 pistols, 8 revolvers and 8,706 rounds of ammunition from the anti-social elements.

The DPO said that the police had arrested 93 gamblers under Gambling Act.

The DPO said that the police had busted 6 criminal gangs and arrested 17 criminals members of these gangs. The police also recovered booty worth of Rs2.2 million including, 10 bikes, 12 animals, 11 cellphones, 32 batteries from them.

The police also booked 2905 bikes without registration/ number plat during the corresponding period.