Great nations aren’t formed by great leaders alone; they’re formed by great people. And education is necessary to make people great. It was education that made the Western countries develop and progress. The value of education is being realized but the road remains long and tedious. There are many problems that the common man faces in getting his children education and even more problems when a child is enrolled in our educational institutions.

One major difficulty is the teaching method, majority of teachers follow the traditional old method ignoring the progress made. Many modern techniques are ignored as they are neither supplied nor applied in our institutions. Teachers create a strict environment where no one can ask questions or discuss a topic and students are compelled to listen passively. For many teachers good grades are the end result. This does not prepare them for real life or professional life.

If we really want to produce competent and skilled students, then teaching methods have to be reformed. Our Teachers Training is also not parallel to international standards and the training institution are following lecture method. It is recommended to adopt modern methodology like interactive, creative, or participation methods to enhance creativity and attain qualitative improvement. Teachers must encourage creativity by using brainstorming techniques in classroom.


Lahore, March 2.