KARACHI - Reacting to the allegations levelled by Mustafa Kamal and Anees Qaimkhani at a joint-press conference, MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat said Thursday that media interaction by just ‘two men’ would not dent the party.

Addressing a press conference via telephone from London at MQM headquarters Nine-Zero, Nadeem said those who had no mandate spoke against MQM chief and its elected representatives while media made the issue out of a non-issue by targeting country`s popular party. MQM leaders Dr Farooq Sattar, Kafiul Wara, Kanwar Naveed Jamil, Amir Khan, Mohammad Hussain, Waseem Akhter and others were also present on the occasion.

“MQM chief has worked sincerely for the party and the nation and this is not for the first time that MQM has been targeted,” he said.

Dismissing all allegations levelled by former MQM leader Mustafa Kamal, he appealed to the people not to believe in the allegations levelled against MQM chief. “The MQM chief is not alone, entire party coordination committee is standing by him,” he added.

“Two people landed today (Thursday) in Pakistan, they don’t have public mandate but were projected against the MQM which is a continuation of the agenda of the past to target and divide MQM,” said Nusrat, adding, that Pakistanis were feeling humiliated after their accusations. “But we are not worried about these allegations,” he claimed. Nusrat said certain elements were working on a well-planned agenda to divide MQM.

In past the election results were enough to prove the party status. Party leaders will not indulge in politics of blame-game, said MQM leader and asked others not to resort to character assassination.

He said no one except Altaf had a solution to resolve the problems and the establishment instead of cornering the MQM chief by providing support to certain elements should directly speak to Altaf. He also appealed to the workers not to take law into their hands and stay untied.

Rejecting Kamal’s allegations MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar termed it a conspiracy to implement ‘Minus Altaf formula’. He said these allegations were not new and party was facing similar trials since long. He said party had foiled such attempts in the past while once again the party leaders and workers were united to fail all the conspiracies against MQM and its leadership. “We categorically dismiss allegations hurled by the two men at their press conference,” said Sattar, adding, that this conspiracy had no purpose but an attempt to practically implement the minus-Altaf formula.