Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to involve residents of the federal capital in the process of making the city cleaner and greener.

In this connection, a comprehensive awareness campaign is being launched in the city, aimed at engaging local communities in different areas of services, which will not only help improve overall sanitary conditions of the city but will also strengthen resident-CDA coordination mechanism, said the CDA officials yesterday. The drive will also help create sense of ownership among the residents, they added.

The campaign will be formally launched from the sector G-9/2. The main theme behind this clean and green awareness campaign is to thoroughly clean the streets, green belts, markets and recreational places and to inculcate sense of participation and awareness among the residents.

The CDA said it has taken consolidated steps to improve sanitary conditions in Islamabad and latest techniques have also been adopted in addition to traditional ways of cleanliness of city. In this regard, mechanical sweeping which was once limited to some major avenues, have now been extended up to 11 subsectors of Islamabad, which has made sanitation system of Islamabad more efficient. Furthermore, transport fleet of sanitation directorate has also been supplemented with new and refurbished machinery. The machinery which has been recently added include thirteen waste compactors, eleven skip lifters, six dump trucks, six mechanical sweepers, twenty tractor trolleys and eight tractors with buckets.

Chairman CDA Maroof Afzal has said that the clean and green campaign will not only improve people-CDA coordination and liaison but will help strengthen and improve service delivery system.