Bribery culture can destroy good values and justice. Where ever the bribery culture is at rise, justice is minimum. When we talk about bribery, then usually we are lawyer for our actions and judges for others. According to me, who ask for bribe, is traitor to the nation and society. But here the question is what the remedy for this disease is? How we can eliminate it forever?

Youth is always one of the top affected of bribery culture. It’s now the universal truth, that wherever youth decides to eliminate some negative practice, they really do that. It’s important and worthy that youth should come forward to say “NO” to bribery for jobs, for admissions or for any unjust benefit. There is no doubt, if the youth of any country comes forward in the fight against bribery, then future of that country will be bribe-free. It’s our collective responsibility to fight against bribery and corruption. But effort at individual level helps collective effort. At the corporate level, conducting a proper background check before hiring and due diligence before signing any contract can help organisations avoid bad deals. The government should make it must for private companies to conduct background screening and due diligence in their deals.


Lahore, February 12.