KARACHI - Syed Mustafa Kamal, once a beloved ‘son’ of MQM chief Altaf Hussain, has risen against him. In a dramatic return to local political scene, the former Karachi mayor yesterday accused Altaf of destroying two generations of Urdu-speaking people and announced his own party.

Mustafa Kamal, who was considered to be the best man of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief, made his first media appearance after about two years, following his arrival in Karachi from Dubai along with former MQM deputy convener Anis Qaimkhani.

Flanked by Qaimkhani, he held a two hours long press conference at his DHA residence. In an unprecedented tirade against Altaf ‘Sahib’ (a notable departure from ‘Bhai’), Kamal accused him of working against the state and deceiving the people of Pakistan.

“Today we are laying the foundation of a yet-to-be named organisation; you may call it a party. We are just two individuals, myself and Anees Qaimkhani,” he said. “Children have been slain and generations have been destroyed by Altaf Hussain. This is my challenge,” a weeping Kamal said.

Kamal in the start of his presser told media persons that “this is my first press conference since I left MQM” in 2013 and his current briefing was based on three points: why “I and Anees left the party; why we have come back; and what we will do next.”

Pointing out the happening related to MQM from year 2008 to 2013, he said that the incidents occurring during this period forced him to quit the party. Recalling the general election results of year 2013, Kamal said that for the first time a non-Urdu speaking political force namely PTI secured more that 0.8 million votes in MQM strongholds. At that time “we thought that Altaf Hussain might have learnt from it and will correct the mistakes”.

“But it is unfortunate that Altaf Sahib did not, and while addressing the workers he hurled threats at PTI women supporters staging sit-in protest at Do-Talwar. We asked Altaf Sahib not to pass such remarks. But MQM chief has never learnt from his mistakes and he will never change.”

Altaf Hussain while he was drunk insulted the MQM coordination committee members several times during the workers meetings, claimed Kamal, adding that MQM chief dissolved the party structure in May 2013 and everyone witness what happened with the MQM leaders that night, as many leaders were manhandled by the workers.

The former Karachi nazim also revealed that a time came when former Interior Minister Rehman Malik would dictate the press releases for MQM, as Malik had more access to Altaf than the party leaders.

“Have you people observed what kind of language MQM chief uses and I wonder who we made a god, and for what the MQM coordination committee was designed and created for? Are we (just) supposed to furnish excuses for Altaf Sahib’s awful speeches?” Kamal raised a volley of questions.

“We tried our best to keep Altaf Hussain from being exposed. Initially, he used to be out of his senses at night due to excessive drinking. But now he stays intoxicated for days and weeks,” stated Kamal while shedding light on current state of party affairs.

With tears in his eyes, Mustafa Kamal asked that for how long children of MQM activists would continue to bury their fathers. “Can anyone tell about the agenda behind all these sacrifices? Is it to raise funds for Altaf Sahib’s alcoholism, and accumulation of wealth for him and his family aboard?” he further asked.

Putting a question mark on the current status of MQM, Kamal said the Urdu-Speaking people were a civilised and patriotic community “but now we are being labeled RAW agents”. He urged the establishment of country not to hate the whole community for the misdeeds of some certain people and Altaf Hussain.

About his quitting the party, Mustafa Kamal said that “I was scared after observing all the specifics in MQM and I was not able to stop all that had been happening, later keeping myself at the minimum level of faith I distance myself from MQM. I know the consequences of leaving MQM and how it operates”.

The former Muttahida leader accused Altaf Hussain of running Indian and South African setups in Karachi for killings in the city. Every political force in the country, the establishment and even former and current governments know that MQM chief has links with the Indian intelligence agency RAW, he added.

He said that after Dr Imran Farooq was murdered the Scotland Yard recovered a truckload of evidence from Altaf’s resident proving MQM leader’s relation with RAW. Kamal said the “MQM has been taking funds from RAW for the last 20 years.”

Altaf was misleading the people of Pakistan and innocent party workers who believe that Rangers were doing a great injustice to their leader and the party. “Who made Saulat Mirza the murdered of Shahid Hamid and who made Ajmal Pahari a terrorist?” Kamal again raised questions with wet eyes. None of the youth workers were terrorists and they became so only after afflation with MQM.

Kamal said that MQM chief give instructions to workers to get training but Altaf, who even doesn’t visit party office in London, is not going to return to Pakistan to lead anyone here. “I and Anis QaimKhani have returned to save lives.”

“We intend to build a local government system in the country, independent from the provinces, with the powers reaching even the smallest union councils.” He unfurled Pakistan’s flag and termed it “new party flag”.