69 years ago the Rajasthan was a titanic desert in India. After independence of India Pakistan it was split into two parts, Rajasthan and Thar. In 1947 the Thar became a part of Sindh, it is connecting Pakistan border with India. Thar is a big desert of Pakistan and a cultural constituency with a majority of Hindus. The peacocks of Thar are very famous and beautiful and the peoples are very talented and hard working. Since they are very poor in the days of independence they left all of their property in Rajasthan and became a part of Sindh and Sindh openly arm accepted them. There is a large coal mine of Pakistan, which is capable of generating electricity for 100 years for every corner of Pakistan but now a days a disaster has taken place in the shape of disease. The hospitals have been allocated budgets, but not a single penny of it is being spend. There are about 60 to 70 doctors have been appointed in which some are child specialist and some surgeons, but only few doctors are working and others are getting salary in home. The skeletons of ambulances are there like show pieces. The government has made Thar a curse for inhabitants.

I humbly request concerned authorities to please take some swift actions and help Thar.


Hyderabad, February 12.