Islamabad - It was the fateful day for the young enterprising IGCSE student Urooba Ahmed Fatima of Flagship Roots Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad who was inquisitive about space and technology-led projects ever since in primary grades.

Her keen interest in science and ICT-based projects won her numerous laurels at the tender age within the institution on national level, says a press release issued here yesterday.

Urooba’s CGPA has always remained above 3.5, maintaining such a grade point average is highly impressive when it is coupled with a lengthy extracurricular record. Little did Urooba knew that her tech savvy attributes towards the institution would result in receiving an invitation letter from The New York Academy of Sciences for a private event with Bill and Melinda Gates to participate in a question and answer session regarding the greatest challenges facing society today. This was a rare opportunity to speak directly with Bill and Melinda and to meet students matching her credentials from around the world. Her trip to US was fully endorsed by Chief Executive Roots Millennium Schools, Faisal Mushtaq TI for his star Millennial.

On Uroobs’s return back home, she was welcomed by Roots Millennium Campus faculty and management in a splendid manner at the private ceremony hosted by the Chief Executive Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq himself. Urooba was overwhelmed by the warm welcome back home and by the opportunities Roots Millennium Schools has offered her in appreciation of her talent and hard work. She shared her rare once in a life time experience with her fellow college mates and friends and emphasized that “dreams can come true if we have high aspirations and we work hard to achieve them.”