ISLAMABAD - It can be hoped that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is also the Patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board, would finally take notice of declining fortunes of Pakistan cricket and would show the doors to highly incompetent PCB officials including chief selector Haroon Rasheed, COO Subhan Ahmed, Zakir Khan, Intikhab Aalm, Ali Zia and others, who despite enjoying decades in the board, fail to produce even ordinary results.

The entire cricket-mad nation had to suffer the worst for the last few years and the way green caps flopped miserably in the ongoing Asia Cup, if Shahryar Khan and others had any morale standings they should have immediately resigned. Instead of passing on the blame of the defeat on the shoulders of the players, Haroon and Shahryar must answer a very simple question. Who had picked the squad and was Shahryar Khan sleeping when the squad was presented to him for his final approval? All these gentlemen are long sitting in the PCB, but to no avail. They are mainly responsible of taking the national team to the brink.

Highly anti-Pakistan Bangladeshi Prime Minister Haseena Wajid was laughing at entire Pakistan and there was clear hate in her eyes towards Pakistan and she never tried to hide her emotions. She is the same Primer, who just ran away from the presentation ceremony after watching her side beaten by the Pakistanis in the Asia Cup final. The all misery and humiliation was piled on Pakistani nation by none other than Haroon Rasheed and company for selecting well-below average side. It was time and again mentioned by different corners that the team selection process was highly dubious. But no heed was paid. Funnily enough, Najam Sethi is giving suggestions to PCB to take action against responsible though he could be the sole responsible for the debacle as he enjoys more powers than the sitting PCB chairman.

Shahid Afridi has flopped completely yet again. He along with Shoaib Malik are mainly responsible for grouping in the team, which was time and again not only mentioned by media but also by the top foreign players but the PCB doesn’t bothered to pay any heed, which resulted in such downfall for the national team. Pakistan was once super power of world cricket, but thanks to incompetent persons sitting at the helm of affairs in the PCB, now we are nowhere even in Asia. Nobody could have even thought in the worst of their nightmares that green caps would fall to such lows.

The way players from a certain province were promoted and given nod of approval over deserving players was clear indication that Haroon and Shahryar lack vision and direction. Sohail Tanveer was one of the classic examples of PCB’s highly unjustified behaviour. M Nawaz was the find of the PSL but he was never given enough opportunities to show his talent. Same was the case with Immad Wasim, who was termed as super star of Pakistan cricket by many pundits but Waqar, like he had done to so many players in the past and even tried to destroy the career of Sarfraz Ahmed, never considered Immaad in the playing XI. Many eyebrows were raised over the exclusion of highly talented M Rizwan, who could not only kept behind the wickets, but is more than handy in the field and could safe around 20 to 25 runs, could easily hold sensational catches and is the only player, who is termed as finisher. Rizwan could have played in the middle of the innings and steady Pakistan. What was the purpose and justification of giving T/20 debut to Khurram Manzoor, who hardly knows the ABC of cricket and was just selected not because of cricketing abilities but he was from same province where chief selector resides.

Sarfraz was the worst skipper when he was leading Quetta Gladiators and his poor handling of the situation costs Quetta the PSL title. Anwar Ali should be given permanent rest as he is a super flop and one or two mediocre performances are not enough to guarantee Anwar a place in the starting lineup and there are hundreds of players who could easily replace Anwar.

One thing is quite sure. Zakir Khan, Haroon Rasheed, Intikhab Alam, Ali Zia despite working in almost all the major capacities, failed to streamline domestic circuit. Our domestic circuit is the weakest of entire cricket playing nations because non-cricketing brains are occupying the major roles and they are the ones, who had completely destroyed domestic structure. Every year domestic format is being changed just to get desired results for certain regions. It is high time the PM should set aside political involvements and act in the best interest of the cricket and country.