LAHORE - Botek, one of Turkey’s premier consultancy firms, has laid the groundwork to open their first ever office in Pakistan, in Lahore. All the necessary paperwork has been approved and the office will open within the next few weeks.

Vice President of Botek met up with Amena Cheema, chief executive officer of the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT), in Lahore and discussed the possibility of getting government contracts, which would ease a lot of their early problems. This would enable them to have a steady source of projects and build a reputation in the country.

CEO PBIT said setting up office by a company like Botek is a positive sign which shows that investment climate is improving in Punjab because of the pro-investment policies of the government.

Botek specializes in large consultancy works such as construction and design projects along with advising governments and large organizations such as the World Bank. It also partners with various contractors and take son managerial roles. Botek is one of the leading international firms in Turkey, with over 50% of their revenue coming from projects outside of Turkey. It currently operates in many countries including Turkmenistan, Kenya, Indonesia and the UAE. It has taken on many US projects, including the consultancy of a hospital in Georgia for the United States Military.

“Botek hopes to repeat its previous successes and build a reputation in Pakistan. It has reached out to various top Pakistani engineering firms such as DESCON and are currently looking for projects in various fields” said Vice President Botek.

“Botek is very enthusiastic about working in Pakistan and hopes to not only be a success as an entity but also help bring Pakistan and Turkey even closer together”, he added.