Seasons come, they stay, they hold their essence in the air and their influence in lives of people and then they vacate their place for a new one to come. They do it under an established phenomenon of holy Mother Nature. Sometimes afflicts blight like bolt from the blue and the predominant verisimilitudes of life turn to another reality, unimaginable and never thought of. This season of spring is being callously overtaken by an imposter season of bookies and blasts.

The evening of 16th February approached and the sun with its final smooth rays beckoned farewell and shifted stage of performance. The evening abashed in the eyes and hiding a brutal reality, waited for the exact moment to reveal it. A strong blast killed ninety people and injured more than three hundred inside the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan. People were performing dhamaal at that time, a devotional ritual originated in 12th century in Persia in which one whirls in a state of ecstasy on a rhythm of some music playing in the background to establish a connection with the deity. Condemnation poured in from all spheres of life and to show the resilience to the terrorists, the very next day of the blast, the dhamaal continued to be performed. The spirit was commendable, but the message which was meant to be sent by the terrorists reached every ear, clearly and successfully. They are around and capable enough to carry out a massive attempt of terrorism.

On 12th February, pharmaceutical manufacturers and chemists were protesting outside the gate of Punjab Assembly when explosives planted in a nearby parked vehicle rocked the place with a blast and due to which fifteen people expired on spot including three senior police officers, Capt(r) Ahmad Mubeen, SSP Mahmood Gondal and DSP Pervaiz Butt. Protesters were gathered to raise voice against a new regulatory law.

Another blast took place in Lahore a few days after the Mall Road blast and until the very end the reason remained shrouded in the fabric of speculations and no one was really sure about the reason; pity, not even those who must.

Z block of DHA is a market where night life of city thrives amidst fancy restaurants and cafes. Groups of bon vivant cherish the delicacies in adorned environment. A triple storey building, in which a new Italian restaurant was in final preparation to open its gate for the visitors, was left to rubble with the upper two floors completely demolished. Large gas cylinders caught fire due to the negligence of kitchen staff and blasted, killing ten and wounding more than a dozen.

This new wave of terrorism and explosions has spoken volumes about the inefficiency of government and media apart from bloodshed and violence. The seats where should be seated people, with the rare trait of responsibility and vigilance, are occupied by the dilettantes.

In Sehwan blast the injured waited for an hour or more so that they could be fetched by the ambulances of hospitals, which are situated many miles away. PPP is the dominant ruling party and leaves no opportunity to censure PMLN scathingly whenever any situation arises, but at this point even they were left with mouths zipped.

The blast on Mall Road was due to the security lapse, but the way PMLN top leadership handled it, irked many. Few ministers tried to save their necks by tilting the weight of blame on the protesters. The second blast was not a terrorist attack but still the fear of it and the damage done by it, made it look like one frightened everyone, as Robert Louis Stevenson puts it in his short story The Bottle Imp, ‘and at the thought, ice ran in his veins.’

Police changed their version thrice before reaching a final conclusion as to what caused the blast. If you are not sure yet, you must tell it in a manner which can put aside the circulating rumours, changing version after version made the matter worse. Right after this blast, someone circulated fake news about another blast. Media picked up the news and gave it as breaking news but later pulled it off the air.

The mess we are in is not just at home; it strikes us on distant lands too. The ongoing PSL series which was soaring smoothly took a deep bow in a quagmire of match fixing. Bookies, there in Dubai somehow managed to placate the boys into an offer, which must be irresistible and once in a lifetime, kind of. The crack hadn't deepened yet and Najam Sethi, by putting his shrewd abilities at work, saved the players and then eventually the stain of disgrace began to rinse off. Now, when the whole series has been played in Dubai, someone suggested to play the final match of this series at home, so a clear signal can be furnished for terrorists and enemies of our country that we aren't afraid. This thing until here seems true and something to support, but the irony takes reign when large contingents of police and army have to be deployed to ensure the safety of a hundred few.

This season with all its doleful texture brings us blasts and bookies, the inefficiency of government and their tendency to kid themselves. The final which will be played on home ground isn't a gesture strong enough. Due to the recent blasts, many players have declined to play. Police will be guarding a match and few roads leading to the venue, by neglecting the whole city on that day. The figures of personals deployed have already reached to the international media and people are chiding us. But when many other realities are not being realised then let’s hope this one too can't jolt our skin of indifference.