“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

– Denis Waitely – 1995

Pakistan, came into being as a free and independent state on August 14, 1947. At the time of its creation,Pakistanhad to go through challenging problems. Withoutsufficient recourses,the nation had to go through problems such as lack of finance, agricultural setback, insufficient defense system and rehabilitation of a large number of immigrants among from India. The solution to these problems was imperative for its existence.The immediate task before the nation was to establish a governmental, administrative system which can work through to get us out of the crisis. The acute shortage of competent and experienced people who can look after the new government system was an issue here.Karachiwas chosen as the capital of the country. Proper arrangements were made to bring the officials who have opted to come toPakistan. A commission was set up under Sir CyrilRadcliffe to demarcatePakistan’s boundary. He deliberately handed over Muslim majority area Ferozpur, Jalendhar and Gurdaspur toIndia. Later on,Indiaforcibly occupied the state of Junagadh which had acceded to Pakistan, by declaring Wagah as the boundary betweenIndiaandPakistan. The unfair demarcation led to one of the hottest issue of the world known asKashmirissue. A large number of Muslims were living in the mainlandofIndiaafter the creation ofPakistan. The influx of refugees created a big problem for a newly born state with its limited resources. There was hardly any reasonable accommodation available inPakistan at the time. After independencePakistanneeded armed forces and military equipment for their safeguard. The equipment given to Pakistani was mostly obsolete. The machinery was outdated.It was decided that army soldiers and men who opted forPakistanwill join the forces but many of them were those who had not returned from the‘World War II.’ WhenPakistancame into being there was a cash balance of billions of rupees.Pakistanhad to receive only 200 million as on opening balance. Its share was later on fixed by mutual agreement at 750 million. The remaining 550 million was to be paid. With the strong hold ofKashmir,Indiawas in position to stop the flow of water in the rivers of Punjab stopping the supply of water. Pakistanhad to pay big amounts of money for resuming water for its canal but afterwards, under the supervision of the World Bank the Indus Basin Treaty was signed in 1960 dividing the river equally betweenPakistanandIndia. At the time of independence ofPakistan faced many problems, but today as we can see Pakistan has conquered most if its problems and is a strong nation now.