Sunday’s PSL final held in Lahore may well turn out to be a grand inconvenience for the people of Lahore, and it is hoped that it is just that, an inconvenience with blocked roads and cell phone signals, and nothing more. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Thursday, promised that the city will not be put under lockdown and the Lahore traffic police (CTPL) on Friday, issued an advisory plan for Sunday as well. The Pakistan Army and Rangers will also provide security and be in control of the surroundings of Gaddafi Stadium and its adjoining areas.

Those who are worried about security, and critical of the money and recourses that will be spent to make Gaddafi Stadium a fortress on Sunday have a very strong point. It is always better to be cautious, and if the security plan fails, the morale of the security forces and the people’s trust in them will fall to levels it has never before. The vast presence of police and soldiers, as well as thousands of civilians makes Gaddafi Stadium a giant bulls eye, not to mention the fact that other areas in Lahore may be left vulnerable due to the distraction at Gaddafi Stadium. However, if all these agencies cannot create a fool-proof security plan for just one day for one cricket match, then we are in more trouble from terrorism than we know.

The calls for caution and criticism have not stopped people from buying up all the tickets to the event, a signal that this was something that was desired and avidly awaited by cricket fans.

The attack in Lahore on Mall Road and in Sehwan Sharif has shaken the nation, this match promises to help us feel secure again. Once Sunday passes without threat or disruption, it will be a huge victory for the security forces of Pakistan as well as the government. It will be a confirmation that life can go on, that the state can protect its people, and that public spaces are secure and free. These freedoms are what we are fighting the war on terror for, and that is the reason why so many people supported the decision to bring the Pakistan Super League back to Pakistan.

It must be stressed to the people of Lahore that they cooperate today and tomorrow with the security forces and be patient until the event passes. We will be on the other side of this very soon, celebrating a safe and joyous national event.