Albert Einstein says that, “Striving for social justice is the most valuable thing to do in life.” The World Day of Social Justice is a day spent recognising the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment. Many organisations, including the UN and the International Labour Office, make statements on the importance of social justice for people. The United Nations (UN) World Day of Social Justice is annually observed on February 20 to encourage people to look at how social justice affects poverty eradication. It also focuses on the goal of achieving full employment. In Pakistan, justice is always delayed and we all know that “Justice delayed is justice denied.” We should act upon the last sermon of the Holy prophet (PBUH) stating all human beings are equal, women should be respected and they have equal human rights like men. If we just implement social justice by following the above two points of the sermon, our society may become an example of social justice for others. 


Hyderabad, Sindh, February 16.