CHINIOT -Traffic police were accused of taking bribe from motorists especially truck drivers and motorcyclists by setting pickets on the main roads.

The Truck Owners Association and civil society activists said that traffic police had erected pickets at main link roads to get bribe for not imposing fine after they violate the traffic rules.

The Punjab government has laid a network of bypasses around the cities to facilitate heavy traffic avoiding the trucks entry inside the cities. Instead of becoming a blessing, these bypasses have turned into a constant nuisance as the traffic police have occupied the corners of these bypasses for issuing fine tickets.

It is learnt that more than 3,500 vehicles use the Jhang-Faisalabad-Lahore-Sargodha Bypass and Sargodha-Jhang Bypass daily.

All the traffic coming from Karachi for Lahore, Faisalabad and Sargodha use these bypasses. Heavy vehicles also use these bypasses for Karachi, because this is the shortest route for Karachi via Jhang. The four points on Lahore Road, Faisalabad Road, Jhang Road and Sargodha Road are favourite points for the policemen who keep on waiting for a prey. As soon as the vehicles approach close, they suddenly appear from their hideouts to stop them on the entry point of the main road which sometimes confuses the drivers and causes mishap.

The traffic police claimed that they were under immense pressure from their bosses to issue maximum fine tickets. They said every traffic sergeant had been given a certain target. The truck drivers demanded action against the traffic police.