ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb on Saturday said that an attempt was made to oust the name of PML-N from the elections but the Nawaz Sharif-led party which enjoyed support of the people and blessings of Allah would invariably emerge triumphant in every election.

In a statement, the minister lambasted Imran Khan for not casting his vote in the Senate elections saying that he was fond of giving examples about democracy in other countries, but did not turn up in the parliament to cast his vote in deference to democracy in his own country, which had exposed his double standards and political hypocrisy. She said that a person who did not have any respect for the sanctity of vote and parliament wanted to become prime minister through the same vote and legislature.

Marriyum said that on the one hand Imran hurled insults at the parliament and on the other hand was contesting elections to become part of the same august house. She asked as to how he was making his party members to contest elections when by not voting he had degraded the sanctity of his own vote? The minister asked as to what message he was trying to convey to the people and voters through his hypocritical stance?

She said that Imran cursed the parliament but was striving to have his party men elected to it. However he considered it an insult to vote for his own party men which was very shameful, she added. The minister said that Imran’s staying away from voting was a link in the same chain of conspiracy when in 2014 an attempt was made to orchestrate the fall of the parliament through sit-in. The minister said that Imran should now wait for the decision of the people through their thumb impressions instead of finger of the umpire.

While talking to media outside the Parliament, the minister said that wherever Nawaz Sharif went people in thousands followed him because they knew that he had served the masses. The minister said that two years had passed but they could not ferret out any corruption against Nawaz Sharif.

The minister said that Imran Khan, who had to explain his position regarding submission of fake NOC, was terming his own assembly members saleable commodities yesterday. She said that he was hurling allegations against his own party men, adding that a person who sent curses on the parliament would have no consideration for the parliamentarians.

Marriyum said that in the ensuing elections the decisions would be made by the thumbs of the people and not the finger of the umpire. The minister said that the PTI members would have to answer the allegations of their leader. She said that Imran Khan convened a meeting in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday and it would have to be found how many members attended it?

The minister said that never in the history of any country an elected prime minister had been ousted on the basis of ‘Iqama’. She said that nothing incriminating had emerged from the evidence that was stacked in the JIT boxes and all the verdicts were based on the proposition as to why Nawaz Sharif did not draw salary from the company owned by his son. Marriyum said that in spite of the fact that he was disqualified as prime minister, declared ineligible to be the president of the party, he emerged victorious day before yesterday, would win today and in the 2016 general election.

The minister said that those who deserted him at this juncture would end their political careers as they would find no place anywhere. She said that history was witness to the fact that those who left him in times of adversity became political non-entities. She said that those who stood with him made their mark. The minister said that timely holding of Senate elections was a glad tiding and all the rumours and misgivings in that regard had died down. The minister said that Nawaz Sharif’s narrative ‘why I was ousted’ had led to exponential increase in his popularity contrary to the otherwise impression. She said there was only one answer to the narrative ‘see the impact of ousting me.’

Later talking to PTV, Marriyum Aurangzeb said that questions must be asked from those who were enemies of democracy and the country and gave date after date saying that the senate elections would be postponed. She said that the holding of the Senate elections was really embarrassing for them.

She said that it was a historic day for the people of Pakistan that the Senate elections were happening on time and God willing general elections 2018 would also be held as per schedule. Marriyum said that it would mark the completion a decade of uninterrupted democracy in the country.

She said that it would help people in understanding the difference between democratic and dictatorial regime in regards to services rendered to them. She said that the dictators not only decimated the constitution but also failed to serve the people, which was their right. The minister said that a verdict which deprived the biggest political party of its name and from participating in the election process, reflected a sense of fear. She said the things which by the grace of Allah had been eliminated from the electoral process of the country had been revived but the parliamentarians have become mature now.