QILA DIDAR SINGH-Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) General Secretary Liaqat Baloch urged all the political parties to shun differences for the sake of Pakistan. "We exist because Pakistan exists. And if it does not, we will be no more," he maintained.

The JI stalwart expressed these views during an address to the inauguration ceremony of "Al-Khidmat Water Filtration Plant" adjacent to a mosque here the other day.

"Today, when the enemies of Pakistan are hell bent on its destruction, we must not fight each other over petty issues," Liaqat Baloch emphasised. He sought a transparent process for Senate elections. "Through the existing election process, mostly the incompetent and corrupt people get elected who perform nothing except adding to public woes," he added.


The objective of PML-N politics is public service. The development projects inaugurated by former premier Nawaz Sharif are being completed at brisk pace.

This was stated by local PML-N leader Haji Mudassir Qayyum Nahra during an address to the inauguration ceremony of a gas supply project at Karyan Baghanwala village here the other day.

He said that the political rivals were frightened of Nawaz Sharif's popularity among the masses. He vowed to provide all basic necessities of life at the doorstep of the dwellers of NA-100 constituency.


Tayyeb Muawiya has been appointed as divisional head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Updates Social Media Team. A notification confirming his appointment has been issued by Habib Kiyani, central head of PTI Updates Social Media Team. Local PTI office-bearers felicitated Tayyeb Muawiya over his appointment.