“HIV infection and AIDS is growing - but

so too is public apathy. We have already

lost too many friends and colleagues.”

–David Geffen

Is there a limit to man’s omniscience? Throughout the contemporary world, there has been a great focus on the amelioration of humankind’s knowledge. One such disease that has challenged this trend is the issue of the deadly disease, HIV/AIDS. To an extent, there are means for prevention. In 1985, the United States developed a testing kit for AIDS, which was mandatory before all blood donations. This was primarily revolutionary, as the means to the spread of AIDS were primarily body fluids. But – as decades go on – there is no cure in sight. This leads us to ask the age old question, is this a puzzle that is out of humankind’s comprehension? Scientists are resolutely and poignantly fighting this notion with their research. We can only ominously look forward to the results.