islamabad - Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on Saturday established new pollen allergy centre to provide round-the-clock services to the patients suffering from the disease during spring season, said an official.

The centre has been established in the building of new emergency where a pulmonologist will be available for patients for emergency treatment, said the official. The official said that 29 new nebulizers have been installed in the new emergency while 40 beds have also been reserved in PIMS for patients suffering from pollen allergy.

The official added that 20 extra beds have also been reserved in new emergency and patients are directed to reach the facility in case of health problems related to pollen season. The official said that patients suffering from pollen allergy will be provided free tests and medicines in the hospital.

Spokesperson PIMS Dr Waseem Khawaja in a statement said that a total of 200 nebulizers were active in the hospital for pollen allergy patients while additional facilities would help in coping with the growing number of patients.

Dr Waseem said that the new pollen allergy centre would start examining patients from Monday with all facilities available. He added that along with healthcare, patients are advised to take mask, hat, and glasses and avoid walking outside during the spring season.

He also advised washing and drying clothes inside the house as hanging clothes outside also brings pollen inside the house which causes health problems for allergy patients.

Earlier, the PIMS administration had urged the pollen-sensitive residents to come for check up before onset of the the pollen allergy season. Patients were informed to reach the outdoor patients department (OPD) for preventive treatment of pollen allergy. Symptoms of the allergy will be minor and could be treated if patients suffering with the ailment are treated two weeks before the start of pollen allergy season, the hospital had said in a message.

The PIMS has increased the number of medical staff in emergency section to deal with the increased number of patients suffering with pollen allergy, the statement said. Patients suffering from allergy symptoms were directed for check up in the respective OPD from 8 am to 2 pm, while patients with serious symptoms were directed to visit the main emergency of the hospital.

The hospital administration had also announced that children facing respiratory problems during pollen season could be brought any time to the hospital without any restriction. The hospital has installed extra number of nebulizers for children to meet the growing need, the statement had said.